Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hot Dam

Welcome to Hoover Dam. This dam was, at times, called Boulder Dam because everyone was pissed off at Herbert Hoover. They got over it and the dam thing was renamed for the dam president that was instrumental in constructing the dam concrete monstrosity.

This dam thing is: 726.4 feet high, 1,244 feet across at the top, 660 feet thick at the base and 45 feet thick at the top. I rode FLMNG1 across that 45 foot wide top - I wish someone could have been there to take my picture on the dam, but I was alone.

If you haven't been here, you should go soon. They are building a dam by-pass bridge right now and you may never have another opportunity to drive across this dam man-made wonder. That is exactly what made me want to plant my dam ass on the dam motorcycle seat for 6 dam hours. It was dam well worth it.

It was more than 90 degrees on May 2, 2006 when I arrived at the dam. But down in the dam tunnels it was dam cool. I spent the $11.00 to take the dam tour and the cool temperatures made it well worth the dam time.

Look at the size of those dam generators. Each of those dam things can light up a dam city bigger than Cedar Rapids (about 100,000 homes - Cedar Rapids only has 130,000 dam people!). Although somewhere the math gets fuzzy because there are 17 of these dam things and the total service estimated is about 750,000. Just like the dam government - they can't get anything straight. It probably serves half of what they estimate and then they just claim that they owe electricity to the rest of the dam people - that's how our dam governmen works!


This is the dam spillway returning the dam water to the Colorado River.

This dam river is so over used and exploited by people in California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada that it probably doesn't even make it to the dam Sea of Cortez any more.

According to this link Colorado-River it doesn't make it to the dam sea anymore. That's a dam shame.


Blogger garrett provided this enlightening comment...

I read about that in a book once.

12:55 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger Jim Crall provided this enlightening comment...

Dam! I was just writing you an email about still being alive, and before I sent it I thought I'd check one more time. That looks killer, dude. I'll have to check it out when I'm out there in September. And you and I have the same bike. I think yours is a smidge bigger. Glad to see you're having a good time, we all know how nice it can be to take a month or so off from blogging. Regale us with tales of desert gypsies and peyote trips.

5:57 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 provided this enlightening comment...

Peyote trips? Is that anywhere near Wickieup?

7:13 PM, June 07, 2006  
Blogger jamwall provided this enlightening comment...


3:36 AM, June 08, 2006  
Blogger PDD provided this enlightening comment...

I will have to come back next week to read this. I will come back in September to read your next post.

9:29 PM, June 12, 2006  
Blogger The Phoenix provided this enlightening comment...

The Hoover Dam is really a monumental engineering feat. It's incredible the amount of cement it took to make that thing.

3:23 PM, June 15, 2006  
Blogger FLAMINGO1 provided this enlightening comment...

PDD, I didn't wait until September....

8:57 PM, June 15, 2006  
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