Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Las Vegas

7 hours on the open road. Me and FLMNG1 rolling down the highway with the Ipod pounding out the theme from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (credit Erin O'Brien). I'm not at work. For the moment, I am completely free. Even if my phone rang, I couldn't hear it. Nobody can get me to do anything for them that I don't want to do. My only task is to turn my wrist and roll.

Earlier in the morning, I stopped for breakfast in a small Arizona town that barely shows up on a map. Wickieup, Arizona is 60 miles from anywhere. There are ranches scattered throughout the area, but little else. The town is comprised of gas stations/convenience stores little else.

One of the gas station/convenience store combos contains the added bonus of a diner. I stop for breakfast and chat with Bill. Bill is probably in his mid-70s. He is headed in the other direction - to Phoenix. His best friend just had by-pass surgery and his stay at the hospital is coming to an end. According to Bill, his buddy hates hospitals and is expecting Bill to be there today to take him back to Kingman, Arizona. I can picture Bill's crusty old friend impatiently waiting his arrival while we sit and chat 90 miles away in Wikieup. I finish my greasy eggs and sausage, say good-bye to Bill and hit the road hoping that I have someone like Bill around to pick me up when I am 70. Bypass surgery is a certainty after this breakfast.

I have two buddies waiting for me in Vegas and I know that they would pick me up from the hospital...if they live that long.

The very first picture in this post was a little more than half way between Kingman and Hoover Dam. People, there is NOTHING out there. So my one photo op was at the sign reading 50 miles to Hoover Dam, 80 miles to Las Vegas. What choice do I have...I make the stop and snap the photo.

I have to say that crossing the Hoover Dam on FLMNG1 kicked ass. This picture was the primary reason I wanted to ride instead of fly. It wasn't quite as exciting as the Golden Gate Bridge, but it was pretty damn good. I'd place it a couple of notches below crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and several notches above crossing the Cedar River.

I stop. I am a tourist. I take the dam tour.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, May 2, 2006) I fire up FLMNG1 and hit the road and head to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.

I will be taking this Route to Vegas

See ya on Saturday!!!

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